Treasury Solutions

PayAsia’s Treasury services division is focused on ensuring that the clients are compliant with their timely lodgements and payments as part of their regular payroll cycles.

Across its 80+ country infrastructure and network, PayAsia provides the following services:

  • Payment of the nett salaries for their clients’ employees
  • Lodgement of their statutory obligations with various authorities
  • Payment of their statutory related dues to the various authorities

Corporates and workforce management companies need to pay all their global employees, But they do not always have access to a banking infrastructure in every location where they operate, which results in many issues.

  • Why People Outsource Payments?

  • Limited access to banking service
  • Limited or no local finance teams, forcing the companies to manage payments remotely
  • Lack of understanding of payment types in each country
  • Poor data security in handling payroll information
Domestic Payments Solution

We provide a Banking as a Service solution to clients, in-country, where PayAsia provides a single vendor solution across 80+ countries, to make the HR related payments. This is designed for companies that have a local banking infrastructure, and whose fund sources are in-country.


1) Single Vendor management for a 80+ country solution

2) Fully functional and licenced domestic payment network in 80+ countries

3) Deep domain and local knowledge of payments and transactions

4) Proven track record of APAC and Middle East payment solutions

Cross Border Payments Solutions

We service the customers who have a need for making payments into various other countries. The heavy cost of multiple bank charges as well as unfavourable foreign exchange become a burden for companies. PayAsia customises a solution for companies that disburse payments to multiple countries from foreign-sourced funds and use transfer pricing with their global subsidiaries

What We Do

Benefits of PayAsia Cross Border Payments Solution

  • Account is completely managed by PayAsia
  • Regular reports
  • Transparent audit-trail of fund movement
  • Fully-managed forex solution

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