Consulting & Implementation Methodologies

Many companies find the implementation or transitioning of the payroll system a daunting task. Our implementation approach is effective and accurate as we use a methodology which is fast and proven, thus enabling us to deliver superior results with minimal impact on our clients.

PayAsia acknowledges this challenge and has created a multi-country system for payroll and HR services to optimise project management and consolidate communication channels for MNCs. This structure is suited to all models from those operating in a shared service environment to those with multiple offices and multiple country environment.

We believe that up front time investment at implementation stage is crucial to success for a payroll outsourcing project. Collaboration and consultation allows us to understand the client environment, discuss the appropriate services and solutions thereby enabling a solid foundation for the ongoing relationship.

With this philosophy, guided by our methodology and backed by our vast experience, we are setting new benchmark standards for delivery timelines for complex multi-country implementations and transitions.

Our implementation is guided by strong project leadership. Our goal is to ensure our client is informed throughout the implementation process to maintain a smooth transition, from first discussions to “going live” following a successful parallel run. Our team is always focused on redefining processes to improve controls and minimise duplication of effort.

Our methodology follows a typical project lifecycle, from business requirement gathering to configuration through to testing, and is governed by principles of “best in class” Project Management.


PayAsia has its physical presence globally with in-house subject matter experts & consultants. Additionally, PayAsia has several in-country partners spread across various regions and manages the implementation successfully.

It is a simple five step methodolgy derived out of best practices, various projects' experience in the last 15 years. It is very simple, easy and adaptable for all clients.

Yes, Implementation team involved during the project phase will continue to work with the Operations team at the back end for the next few months until the account is stabilized and smooth.

For existing PayAsia clients, if they require any change in existing configuration or set up, the request is forwarded to the implementation team. Request is then analysed and the time & efforts involved are explained to client, a "change request" form is presented to the client for their approval. Throughout this process, Implementation team will work closely with client until the request is successfully completed.

PayAsia's technology infrastructure ensures data transfer is safe and secure with strict IT policies and procedures. The security and confidentiality of data remains a strict adherence with all protocols in place.

Client Speak

“PayAsia’s keen and prompt service delivery attitude helped provide a seamless transition for Tote Board in outsourcing its payroll services. Due credit must also be given to PayAsia to facilitate a smoother submission of our employee’s data to IRAS. Keep up the good work”

Mr. Low Soong Yin

Manager, Corporate Services, Tote Board